feb - apr 2021

web design

web development

zoomed in adler centre home page

A web and mobile ecommerce experience created for Grainjar, a fictional bulk cereal brand focused on providing the most delicious, sustainable and ethically-sourced cereal to cereal-lovers of all kinds. The project was created for a senior web design and development course.

  • Brand Identity, Art Direction, Visual Design, HTML/CSS
  • Joanne Kim, Sophia Wang
catering to cereal-lovers

The Grainjar concept was visualized from the ground up, starting from target industry to branding to differentiation from other businesses in the cereal landscape. We honed in on the passionate cereal consumer, taking inspiration from brands like the organic, vegan oat company, Oatbox.

cereal as a lifestyle

While developing the brand identity for Grainjar, it was important to highlight the attributes of our target audience—cereal lovers who are health conscious, care about ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, and are willing to splurge a bit on high quality cereal to satisfy their cravings.

the grainjar aesthetic

To create the art direction for this identity, my moodboard (as seen on the top), used as the main visual inspiration and Joanne’s (on the bottom), used for body content were combined to evoke a natural, yet premium feel for the brand. For a detailed breakdown of the website development process, view Style Guide.